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Episode 19 -"John Porcellino Cartoonist Interview"

This is a pretty mellow show, but I think it's a good one.  John Porcellino is the cartoonist between the long-running King-Cat mincomic series, and many collections and other books. One of them that Phil and I (Matt) recently read is Perfect Example, a true-life high school story, that has been described as a coming-of-age story which reads like a "goodbye to the familiar Road trips, drunken concerts, and late-night make-out sessions."  According to cartoonist Chris Ware, "John Porcellino's comics distill, in just a few lines and words, the feeling of simply being alive."
We caught up with John Porcellino before he went to SPX, one of the mainstays on the indie comics convention calendar.  Phil and I talk with John P. about self-publishing, what he gained from his art school experience at NIU, the difference between the early days of alternative comics (the 80/90s) and now.  We also talk about doing comics for the love of it, and learning from the artwork (it really applies to writing, drawing, and music, as well) while you are making it.  And since we share the stateline region with John, I had to ask him about the changes from living in an urban/suburban environment to living in the more rural environment of South Beloit.

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Episode 18 -"High-Heeled Horseshoes- Sexy?"

SPECIAL CROSSOVER EPISODE!  If a podcast can have friends, then the Pod People Podcast is one of the best friends that Bombast has.  If you don't know, that show has a focus on Young Adult fiction, and for this episode, we cross over with the hosts of Pod People, Emily White and Vic Caswell.  We start off the episode with a round of the game show, "Hip Hop Artist or Superhero?".  From there, we move on to Matt's homework assignment for the show, which was to get a date and go to the GZA concert, how to pick up chicks while buying tires, and we talk about Phil's novel, "Peter Brown Goes to Boston", and Phil talks about Emily's YA novel, "Elemental", which he just finished reading.  We also talk about a tendency of male character in YA to be what girls wished guys were like, and we compare that to unrealistic women characters in superhero comics.  If you listen further, you'll find out the reason that Phil needs to go see a Twilight movie in the theater, and you'll hear Mat ramble on about the Bill Murray movie, "What about Bob?".  We round out the end of the show with the epic topic, Sexiest Male and Female Superheroes.  The topic does derail briefly into a disagreement about Tim Burton's "Batman Returns" (1992).  We laugh a lot during this episode, and I hope you enjoy it, dear listener, because we had blast recording it.

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episode 17 - "The Logging One"

in this episode, phil is joined by LEGENDARY COMEDIAN sinbad!!!  (sort of)  also, matt and phil discuss the olympics, both the canadian and the hip-hop version.  they also move on to discuss comic ratings vs their intended audience.  we also receive a visit from special guest gollum/smeagol.

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episode 16:  "falkor is a disgruntled listener"

in this episode we discuss our latest our latest itunes review, then phil and matt discuss their recent attempts to meet ladies.  matt also talks some more about san diego comicon and we play some audio of matt and his friends in the car on the way to comicon.  matt also guarantees in a legally binding way that he will send listeners medals if they send us itunes reviews, e-mails or facebook comments.

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Episode 15 -"The Dark Knight Rises and San Diego Comic-Con 2012"

Our first topic is The Dark Knight Rises -If you haven't seen the  Dark Knight Rises yet, don't worry, there is a spoiler alert in this movie, so listen for that - or prepare to get spoiled.

We talk about Christopher Nolan's use of realism and science fiction elements, Harvey Dent Day vs Kasmir Pulasky Day, Phil's desire for a catless Catwoman (is this like vegetarian meat?) the Batman trilogy's shifting thematic focus involving themes of organized crime and big business, movie Bane vs comic book Bane, the similarities in background between Bane and Batman, and also the John Blake character, and how he compares to the various heroes that took up the mantle of Robin.  We also take a look at the performances in this movie, and how we rank them.

From there, we transition to some discussion of my (Matt's) time soaking in Bombast's first-ever San Diego Comic-Con experience.  We talk about first impressions, and I get Phil and Janine's reactions to the pictures of myself in a lazy man's Robin costume.  If you would like to follow along with those pictures of me in a Robin costume check them out  H E R E.  We talk about  the panels I went to, including Dave McKean, which I wrote about for the Beat (Heidi McDonald's pioneering comics blog) and Lynn Johnston's (For Better or For Worse) panel.  We briefly mention Ray Bradbury, whose death this year was definitely a topic in the air at this year's con.  I talk about the Eisners, the award show for comics, and we discuss our desire for Kanye west to stage crash at the Eisners.  Please, please let this happen someday.

Episode 14 – “CAKE Chicago 2012 and the truth about lightsabers”

In this show, Bombast Podcast visits the first ever CAKE show.  CAKE is the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo, and there are plenty of artist interviews, and comicky goodness.  We have interviews with: Nate Powell, JP Pollard, Spike from Templar AZ, Betsey Swardlick, Julia Wertz, Lisa Hanawalt, Domitille Collardey, and Walker Mettling of PCC Showcase with Providence Comics Consortium.  After that there is a strange glimpse into the music business that must be heard to be believed.  End of the show topics include Superman vs Aliens, Superman vomiting, Marvel vs Capcom, Megaman and the the band that Megaman inspired, The Protomen, Mummies vs Zombies, and the need for a full-on Frankenstein craze.  And don't you want to answer the question we pose: "Who is the new character sensation of the year?" Is it Astro Duck, Skater Dude, or Strong Shark?  And of course, because things were not ridiculous enough, we talk for a solid minute about how great lightsabers are.

Episode 13 -"Bombast at the Movies: Prometheus with Janine"

Phil, Matt, and Janine go watch Prometheus, Ridleys Scott's Alien prequel film and record their reactions the same night.  Before we talk about the movie we talk about the current film trailers, including The Watch,  Flight featuring Denzel Washington, The House at the End of the Street, The Amazing Spider-man, and the uses of montage in the other spider-man movies
The Dark Knight Rises, and move from there to discussing The Situation from Jersey Shore as Spider-Man.  We discuss Prometheus in the context of Alien (1979) and Aliens (1986), Noomi Rapace vs. Sigourney Weaver, Michael's Fassbender's performance here and his performance in X-Men:First Class as Magneto,  and our problems of both the major and nitpick variety with the movie.  Also, at long last, we uncover Phil's hatred of the metric system.  After the movie, share the first installment of Bombast Radio Theatre with a dramatic reading of the unproduced Catwoman screenplay written by Daniel Waters.  We react to a musical request, and share some heartfelt music that we found.  Finally, we wrap up by playing a game of "would you rather?" that you can participate in, if you so choose.

Episode 12 -"The Advance Team with Will Pfeifer"

In this episode we great our very special guest, the comics writer, movie reviewer and Rockfordian Will Pfeifer into the hall of Bombast.  We discuss "The Advance Team", his darkly comedic sci-fi graphic novel (out now!) about a pizza delivery guy who is chosen to stop the first agents of an alien invasion, and has to do something he's never done before: fight for his life.  But are they aliens, or, is he crazy?  We also discuss Will's comics work with DC Comics including Catwoman, and HERO, a clever updating of "Dial H for H.E.R.O."  We also go over 2012's summer movie season, and what movies we are excited to see, including The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider-man with Andrew Garfield, and Prometheus.  In the middle of all this, Phil asks Will some questions about the script for a proposed Catwoman solo movie that was set to spin off from 1992's Batman Returns.

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Episode 11 - “Chicago Zine Fest and a Donald Duck Speech Therapist”

In this episode, we discuss which dead and supposedly dead performers we'd like to see in hologram form.  We also talk about: why neither one of us went to C2E2, Matt gives out trivia facts about the history of zines and fan fiction, Phil nearly accuses Janice Joplin of being a Klansman, and then Matt goes over the comics and Zines he bought at Chicago Zine Fest: Invincible Summer/Clutch, Paper Cutter, Rum Lad, Eat or Be Meatball, Toasty Cats, Beards, Simple Routines, Press Start and Fight, and Pigeon Life.  We move on to discuss when you need to blow on a comic, hitch-hiking, and hoboing, before discussing Donald Duck.  With Donald, we tackle the hard questions.  Why does he never wear pants?  What's up with the way he talks?  And what's up with this WWII anti-nazi propaganda cartoon: The Fuerher's Face?

Episode 10 - "Odds and Ends" Bombast Podcast

This one is kind of a clip show, with odds and ends from a couple different recording sessions.  It's also about half the length of a normal episode.  In this episode we talk about driving, (specifically Illinois vs. New Jersey drivers), novelty song/postmodern rap group Das Racist, and then we go over our hauls from our experience of Record Store Day.

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Episode 9 -"Bombast at the Movies: John Carter"

In this episode we review the movie John Carter and compare it to the book.  We also discuss many other movies, including:  Star Wars, Avengers, Battleship, Brave, Madagascar, Something That Is Not Die Hard, Ghostbusters 3, Evil Dead, Action No. 1 as well as casting possibilities for future Wolverine and Deadpool movies.  Finally, we answer the question:  Is Falcor a pedo dog or a pedo luck dragon?

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Episode 8 -"Constant Banana Consumption -with Ian"

In Episode 8, Matt and Phil are joined by special guest and longtime friend Ian Simkins.  Topics discussed include Matt's reactions to radio news stories, a couple of ideas on how to "improve" televised political debates, monkeys, college-era hijinks, how to surf couches, and Ian's impromptu performance as a Soapbox derby announcer.  This is the big one folks; it maybe our best episode yet!

Comments, questions, and complaints about the show can be directed to bombastpodcast [at]  Ian Simkins's writing and other hoo-hah can be found at

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Episode 7 -"Michael Kors Mad Libs"

In this episode, we dip into the mailbag and find the solution to the groomsman outfit dilemma (from Episode 5).  Also, Phil discusses Project Runway, including Miss Piggy's guest judging gig, and a fiction writing secret that he uncovered watching the show.  Phil talks about "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" and Matt gets confused about what he likes about mystery novels.  We Have a lot of comic talk on this episode, and we discuss the Jeph Loeb -Tim Sale collaborations "Batman: The Long Halloween", "Batman: Dark Victory", and "Superman for All Seasons", along with the new DC Comics logo, and the artist (and occasional writer) comic fans love to hate, Rob Liefeld, and his recent gig changes.  We also go a bit in-depth with a discussion of Craig Thompson's graphic novel: Habibi, a relationship epic melodrama set in a fictional Islamic milieu. 

Comments, questions, and complaints about the show can be directed to bombastpodcast [at] hotmail [dot] com.

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Episode 6- "International Brotherhood of Pod"

In this Episode, we read from the listener mailbag, and Phil solves a mystery.  We discuss Batman and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and a secret movie.  (Here's a hint, it involves Muppets, and it came out in the last year.)  Also, Matt has an album recommendation.  We discover Phil's fascination with the Smurfs, discuss the Roots newest album, and real-life superheroes (i.e. Phoenix Jones).

Comments, questions, and complaints about the show can be directed to bombastpodcast [at] hotmail [dot] com.

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